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solar tower light:
construction tower light -UAE-Bahrain-Oman-Ksa-Dubai
construction solar tower light:
tower light -UAE-Bahrain-Oman-Ksa-Dubai
Tower light:
solar tower light -UAE-Bahrain-Oman-Ksa-Dubai
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solar light system -UAE-Bahrain-Oman-Ksa-Dubai
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Heavy Duty Tower Light -UAE-Bahrain-Oman-Ksa-Dubai
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Gensit Tower Light -UAE-Bahrain-Oman-Ksa-Dubai
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LED tower Light -UAE-Bahrain-Oman-Ksa-Dubai
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American custom designed Newton’s - Mobile Alternative Power Solutions

NED/SMT 600U SeriesConstruction Mobile Solar ‎Light Tower is built to be rugged,‎ rough and ready for any and all outdoor lighting needs.‎


With 25 hours battery backup, you can run for 2 days without any charge.

System works for 12 hours a day and 1 day pack up as for rain or cloudy days.

If 50% power used can stay for more days pack up as 4 days a week  


For Emergency or hard condition With the external battery charger you can charge the batteries and run the lights indefinitely, never having to shut down no matter what the weather conditions are!


TheseMobile Solar Light Tower will more than pay for themselves with the savings accrued from service personnel, repairs maintenance and fuel costs in one year's time.


The advantage/Improvement of ours:


  • Designed with simple operation and durable quality ;
  • NED design, full fuse protected ,easy & safe for common people to operate ; 
  • Maximum solar power generation system design; 
  • Easy to remove the battery, solar panel, makes the product life extendable.

Solar Systems:


Three (3) totally independent off-grid solar systems housed on a single customized mobile trailer; each off-grid system is complete with a mono-crystalline solar array, large capacity charge controllers, 8 x 15W LED floodlights, with manual on/off and with 50% load of LED function, and is connected to a deep cycle bank of batteries with a state


Solar Modules:


  • 600W of Solar Power. Each automated solar wing houses a 200W solar array for a combined system of 600W in total solar renewable energy to generate power to recharge the large capacity battery bank. ‎
  • Manual operation to raise and lower solar wings or fixed on the body with the degree required to the sun direction ‎
  • Lights can be operated while batteries are being charged. ‎


Power Storage:

  • 24 Volt DC deep-cycle, battery bank(s) comprised of 2 x150AH 24 v  (sealed, no ‎maintenance) batteries; ~600Ah combined capacity of battery banks. We use the longest ‎cycle life batteries known to be available in this category. ‎


Charge Control Module:


  • High capacity, Maximum Power Point Tracking charge controller(s) to maximize solar power ‎gained and to prevent over or under charging of batteries.



Trailer & Housing:


  • Durable, steel vented, powder-coated housing customized to store, protect and maximize functionality of ‎power generation, power storage and light tower components ‎
  • Wheelbase 650mm, ST185R/14inch,
  • Towing weight 1585 kg (varies based on model, options) ‎
  • Dimensions
  • High Wind Stabilization Package (front outriggers/jacks & 4 TeleStruts) ‎
  • Towing specifications & requirements –tongue weight - est. 83 kg. ‎
  • 2” ball coupler ‎
  • Forklift pockets on mast for high point access and on trailer base for low point access. Crane hooks ‎pocket on mast for high point access. ‎
  • 4 “D” rings per unit used to secure unit during transportation ‎


Light Tower:


  • 2-stage telescoping light tower that can be raised or lowered from 3,5m to 6m as well as rotated. Lights can be individually rotated to enable lighting in any direction/angle.


  • 4 Custom, Variable Current LED Flood Lights per system with high, and low settings (7,200 to 18,000 initial lumens depending on setting) estimated life up to 5-10 x longer than standard metal halide bulbs; LEDs expected life 50,000+hrs, L79


Note: LED pupil lumens (scotopic) appear brighter than (photopic) foot candle measurements indicated when compared directly to high intensity discharge lighting (like metal halide or high pressure sodium).


  • From up to 25 to 40 hours of light (depends on light setting) from a fully charged bank of batteries (during normal conditions, if all 4 flood lights are operating) not including any additional solar or AC recharging obtained during that time.


Note: the above calculations are based on using only the top 60% of the battery bank saving the battery life with a low-voltage disconnect (LVD).


  • This system configuration is designed and recommended for the high volume users (light hours used) (with all 8 lights operating on the medium setting). Naturally this varies if the system is operated at high or low light intensity settings this is the most commonly used configuration for high volume applications.


  • Recommended for the heaviest users desiring up to 3 - 5 days per week, dusk-to-dawn, year round applications.









American designed Newton’s standard- Mobile Alternative Power Solutions

NED/SMT 600 U Series


Mobile Solar Light Tower

Tech data




Output voltage




Power of lamp



8x15W Or 4x30W/ 18000 lm

(120 lumens per watt) 50,000hr

Mast Height






By Aluminum, be round

2 stages lift the mast, Mechanical

Range of exposures




Working time




Charging time




Inverter & charger




Tail light



12V, LTL0801ARW





Charge controller



30 A, PWM,AUTO solar controller




Hand winch 1500LBS




650mm, ST185R/14inch

Battery power



150AH / 24V











4 pieces

Solar panel

3 x 200W, Monocrystalline